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GreenTech Testimonials


Purewash Laundry System

The Purewash laundry system has been a very welcome addition to our laundry room. Every time I tried a new detergent it was a gamble to see whether or not it would make my husband’s skin irritated. The Purewash system has eliminated entirely this problem.  It’s also nice to know that we don’t have these detergents rubbing against my family’s skin all day.  We have 4 kids and we want what’s best for them. The other aspect is the savings I get from using this system.  I no longer buy detergent which is a huge expense with 4 kids, and we also don’t have the cost of hot water since it only uses cold.  Not using harsh detergents also makes the clothes last longer and smell fresher. I do use a capful of the ezymagic cleaner also from Greentech, which takes out stains no detergent was ever able to get out.  The purwash is a win, win, win, win alternative!

Angela B. – Listowel ON

GT3000 Air Purifier

The GT-3000 and the REME have worked out great for us.  I must say that I was real sceptical of any air purifiers but decided to give these a try because of the completely different way they work.  I still don’t know the exact way they work but I now know that they do work. All other systems require that the air be brought to the unit and then needs to come close enough and long enough for it to be effective in any way. It isn’t hard to figure that this means most of the air in the house will not be purified so in effect it does little to nothing.
We had puppies with our yellow lab last spring in the garage.  By the time the last puppy went out, the garage smelled awful and there was considerable mould growing the walls & stairs in the garage.  I put the GT 3000 on away mode for 8 hours to clear things out and to test its claims.  When came back and opened the doors the smell was 100% gone and all the mould was dead and was like dust.  A quick sweep and a vacuum and the mould remains were gone.  Neither the mould nor the smell returned. That clinched it for me.  Now if I have smelly hockey equipment or other odours I know what to do.
The units keep the air in our house smelly fresh.  Like I was told; “If you want to know if it’s working, just turn it off for a couple of days.”  I tried that and the house didn’t have the same fresh smell.
I like the fact that the systems purify the way nature does, without chemicals that may make the air smell better, but at a cost of breathing in harmful chemicals.

Arnold B. – Listowel ON

I got a Greentech GT3000 to address a problem we had with food odors in the kitchen. Someone had been making some hard boiled eggs but had forgoten about them for about 4 hours. The eggs exploded and left a smelly, burnt residue all over the kitchen. We cleaned up the eggs, but couldn't get rid of the horrible smell. The GT3000 eliminated almost all of the smell in the first day, and after the 2nd day the smell was gone entirely. Not only was the smell gone, but the air quality in the house also seemed to have a lighter, fresher feel to it. Amazing product!

Matt V. - Listowel ON